updated 9:52 PM EDT, Mar 26, 2015
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Salado Lady Eagles swept the Academy Lady Bees to win the opening match of district play, winning at home, 25-20, 25-8 and 25-19 on Sept. 13.

Salado earned 40 points from its serves. The girls had 7 aces with Meagan Hill, Shyenne Hicks and Cheyenne Vaca all recording 2 service aces and Sydney Wright recording 1 ace. Hicks led the scoring off her serve with 11 service points. Also scoring service points were Hill and Vaca, 8 points each, Wright, 7 points, Taylor Atwood, 5 points.

Vaca led the attack at the net. She had 11 kills on 16 attacks. Also registering kills at the net were Atwood, 8 kills and Hicks, Wright and Jaylee Sebek, 2 kills each.

Vaca blocked 2 shots and Sebek and Atwood each blocked a shot. Hill had 22 assists.



S1 S2 S3

SHS 19 17 14

THS 25 25 25

Salado lost at home to Taylor Sept. 10 in a non-district match, dropped in three straight sets, 19-25, 17-25, 14-25.

The girls had 17 kills at the net. Hicks and Sebek both had 4 kills with Sebek perfect on the night in her attempts.

Also registering kills were Vaca and Wright, 3 each, Shattle, 2 kills and Kayli Beck, 1 kill.

Hill led the girls in serving, with 5 aces. She scored 8 points off of her serve. Hill also had 17 assists in the match.

Wright and Victoria Moseley also had an ace in the match.  Wright scored 7 points on serve, Moseley scored 2 and Laughland scored 1 service point.

The girls struggled defensively with a lone block by Sebek.

S1 S2 S3

SHS 13 12 12

LHS 25 25 25

Lorena Leopards swept Salado in three matches at home Sept. 6. The Lady Eagles lost 13-25, 12-25, 12-25.

Salado had 18 kills in the match on 33 attempts. Atwood was most effective at the net with 6 kills on 8 attempts. Hicks had 5 kills on 11 attempts.

Sebek, Vaca and Valeriano all had 2 kills and Wright had 1 kill.

Hill had 17 assists and Vaca had 1.

Sebek blocked 3 shots. 

Hicks registered the only serving ace for Salado. Laughland led the team with 4 serving points, followed by Hicks and Vaca, 3 serving points each, and Hill, Sebek and Atwood, 1 serving point each.


S1 S2

SHS JV 25  25

AHS JV 15  17

Salado Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball team defeated Academy in straight sets Sept. 13 in Salado.

Outstanding players of the game for Salado were Carmella Perez,  setter position; Sarah Simmons, defensive specialist.

S1 S2

SHS 9th 25  25

AHS 9th 21  20

Salado ninth grade volleyball team swept the Academy girls in two sets 25-12 and 25-20. 

Salado held a 16-13 lead before #2 went on to score five straight service points by Tristian Hawes to extend the lead to 22-13. 

S1 S2

SHS 9th 25 25

THS 9th 22 11

Salado Lady Eagles ninth graders beat the Taylor Lady Ducks in two straight sets Sept. 10, 25-22 and 25-11.

Madeline McCulloch scored seven service points for the Lady Eagles in the first set and 14 service points in the second set.


Junior High Volleyball

Salado 7th B beat Rosebud Lott 25-18, 25-15 Player of the Game: Jordan Stockton – good serving

Salado 7th A beat Rosebud Lott 25-23, 25-17. Player of the Game: Sydney Hill – good defense.

Salado 8th B beat Rosebud Lott 25-13, 25-22. Players of the Game: Rylie Stewart and Emily Ritch – good serving

Salado 8th A lost to Rosebud Lott 9-25, 13-25. Player of the Game: Kate Kyburz – good serving


Compiled from Coaches’ reports.