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 Marissa Timm

Marissa “Sissy” Timm 17 of Salado, Texas passed away Wednesday March 17, 2010.

Services will be held at Heritage Funeral Home Tuesday March 23, 2010 at 7:00 pm with visitation Tuesday March 23, 2010 at 6:00 pm. Survivors include mother Melissa Timm (Berg), father Clint Timm, step father Gerald Berg, and two brothers Joseph Anthony Timm and Albin Howard Timm all of Salado. Marissa attended Salado High School as a senior and blessed many with her delightful personality.

 “From the day she was born she captivated eyes all around her. From grandmas to grandpas to family and friends. They all said this girl is going to be something. I remember her first days of school she was so excited to put on her little shoes and try that big bus out. We were somewhat worried how that little girl would do but we were in for a surprise, she made friends in just minutes, and most of them she still has. That all say the same thing her smile and her heart of love took them by storm, once she stole that little piece neither one wanted anything different.. As the years past by she began to grow and grow with another wonderful person named Sara foster they too grew into a force mightier than most friendships are, their mission was to spread love and start friendships bigger than them, from day one they brought love to all and made many people smile. Sarah and Marissa had plans to stick together and go to school after school to learn the skills to become great things they had visions of no limits and no boundaries, I wish they both could have stayed longer and get to fulfill the dreams they had. What happened to them this St. Patrick’s day of 2010 was tragic indeed, but their love they shared for everyone around is still here dominating our hearts to fight on and continue the legacy of friendship and the spread of love to as many as we can, she and Sara were an inseparable force and it’s safe to say they are still happy and still together. Marissa rest in peace my baby girl, sister, and deepest friend we love you and gods speed to you and Sara. We will always love you.” 

“Marissa and Sarah were amazing, loving, caring, smart, and beautiful  
people. They are the best of friends; they were always by each other’s  
side whatever they did. They never hurt anyone, as they loved everyone  
and everything around them. Marissa would be lost without Sarah in her  
life, and Sarah would he lost without her. They both went together and  
will now be together for eternity. Now they are our guardian angels,  
and will watch us from above for the rest of our lives. They still  
live on today, but spiritually. We can’t see them or touch them, but  
know that they are there, watching and protecting us all. They do not  
want us to cry, they want us to carry on with our lives and make a  
difference. They are loved until the end of time, although they left  
so soon, the earth keeps turning. We all must move on together, but  
not forget them, just remember them and keep them in our hearts. We  
will all have our chance to see them again, when it is our time for  
god to take us in his hands. We will love them forever. In loving  
memory of Marissa & Sarah.”