updated 9:52 PM EDT, Mar 26, 2015
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Velocity film crews capture British spirit of classic cars in Salado

British automobile pioneer Cecil Kimber and his MG Motorcar Company Ltd. could hardly have imagined the impact their first sports car would have on the automotive world.  And now 90 years later, and more than 30 years since the last MG rolled from the storied factory at Abingdon-on-Thames, that passion shows no sign of letting up. 

More than 100 enthusiasts gathered on the grounds of The Venue to show off 60 antique and classic MGs. Film crews from Velocity CHannel were on hand to film the road rally later in the afternoon and interviewed the many owners of the British cars.

This infatuation (some might say obsession!) is kept alive today by the more than 200 enthusiastic members of The Texas MG Register (TMGR).  The TX MG Register was formed 39 years ago – and celebrated their very first event in Salado at the Stagecoach Inn.  Since that time, TMGR members have always gathered in Salado during Mother’s Day weekend – enjoying the town and celebrating their little British cars.

 TX MG Register members are custodians of more than 500 classic British automobiles, ranging from a 1930 M-Type fabric covered roadster to some of the last MGBs produced.  TMGR members are devoted to maintaining and enjoying one of the world’s favorite cars. 

Most automotive historians agree that America’s affection with open, two seat sports cars began with the MGTC model of the 1940’s, a distinction acknowledged in later company advertising with the slogan “The sports car America loved first”.  Like many a bride, servicemen returning from England after World War II brought home the tiny British roadsters they fell in love with during the war.  Slightly more refined TD and TF models followed, and it was devotees of these “T Series” MGs who formed the original Texas MG Register in 1975.  In 1993 the club welcomed owners of “modern” MGA and MGB models, and became the TMGR as it is today; a diverse group of all ages, backgrounds and interests hailing from all parts of Texas, the nation and even as far away as Australia!

The TMGR’s bylaws establish that the club is “primarily dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of MG cars”.  For some members this means showing their meticulously restored cars at the spring “Gathering of the Faithful” (GoF) held every year at Salado.  Many enjoy disproving the myth of British automotive unreliability with a hearty challenge to both man and machine, driving hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to Salado for this annual event. 


As Jim Yule, a past President says: “The Texas MG Register is about having fun.  It’s about enjoying MG’s and the down to earth folks that own them.” 

The Register will return to Salado in 2015.