updated 5:04 PM EDT, Apr 1, 2015
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Methodist church members feed travelers

Church members take time during holiday to serve travelers on interstate

Salado United Methodist Church served over 450 this year with the 4th Annual  I-H 35 Thanksgiving feed.

“We did not know what to expect when the weather cooperated with us this Thanksgiving Day.  We had all the fixings from turkey, dressing, yams, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and of course a wide variety of desserts!” said Rolly Correa Outreach Director for Salado United Methodist Church (SUMC). 

The church has an extended outreach program for local and foreign mission. The Thanksgiving mission is a unique outreach that doesn’t necessarily touch the poor or destitute. Instead, it serves those in route to visit family or friends with a surprise meal, free of charge. 

“By feeding the truck drivers who deliver goods to our stores and market places, we are serving those who serve us,” Correa added. “For some long haul truckers it was their second and third time to eat with us.  Several said they would be back next year if their route allows.”

“The free meal was not advertised to the local community because the focus was on the travelers and workers on Thanksgiving Day,” he added.

SUMC sponsors other local mission programs which focus on helping the local citizens throughout the year.  

Correa also stated that many of SUMC Church members gave up their family Thanksgiving meal to visit with and serve the travelers and workers from all over the state and the country.  In addition, there were volunteers and their families from other local churches assisting SUMC. 

“We are extremely grateful for several local organizations that helped make the mission a success,” he said. The James Construction Group allowed the use of their electronic bill board displaying “Free Meal” at the Rest Stop Exit 282 Southbound.  Two Salado businesses pitched in to help as well. Johnny’s Steaks and Barbecue cooked the turkeys and Bush’s Chicken supplied iced tea.