updated 9:52 PM EDT, Mar 26, 2015
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To the Editor:

What makes Salado - it’s the people! I have to shout out an incident of generosity I experienced Saturday October 12  that mirrored a recent letter in the editorial section -  It’s the people that make Salado a great place to live.

Lo and behold I was again in Ace Hardware seeking another small home repair job that I needed assistance on - the roller wheels on the bottom of a 1970’s sliding screen door. One of them had broken and the screen door wouldn’t slide anymore.

I first sought to figure it out and repair it myself which failed , then proceeded to take it to a great neighbor who bless his heart sees me coming his way every other week with yet another house, auto, equipment - you name it problem I can’t figure out in which he has a 99 percent rate of fixing. Well, unfortunately on our screen door task he was unable  to repair it. So I take it to ACE Hardware and two individuals: Richard Dodge and Steve Collins did what folks at ACE do - went out of their way not only to identify the part, have it in stock, but put the new part on the door which was in my car in the parking lot in which was sticking out of the trunk. 

But it wasn’t just the responsibility of the employees as far as assisting customers - they both  said they just enjoy helping people!

Then to my amazement another sign of “It’s the People” comes into play - as the two men were fixing the screen door sticking out of the back of my trunk in the parking lot a gentleman in a  “pickup pulls up behind us and says - “”say can I assist in helping you get that screen door back to  “your house?”” I say thank you but I can get it back and he says are you sure - all we have to do is  “put the door in back of my truck - it would be my pleasure.

Thank you Salado! Tom Goldsmith