updated 9:52 PM EDT, Mar 26, 2015
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To the Editor:

  Thank you for your positive and straightforward view of our village in last week’s Commentary, “What is wrong here?”

With your concurrence, please allow me to respond.

Fourteen years ago, Gayle and I moved to Salado after 22 years of military service.  Living around world, it was a culture shock returning to “small town” Texas.  However, Salado was unique with its own brand of leadership and vision.  It was sophisticated, but it was also country; it was intellectual, but it was also down-to-earth.  There was a sense of well-being and pride that made one feel secure as well as important.  I remember telling people who asked where I lived, “Salado.”  Immediately, their response was, “What a great town.  I love Salado.  You are lucky.”

What made this village so different?  Simply, the people.  Their love for the village was evident in every business, every event, and every encounter.  Everyone united and worked toward a common goal -- a quality community.  Like all small towns, there were disagreements, different views on leadership, and two or three folks who could never be pleased.   Yet, this village thrived on happiness and genuine care for each other.

It has not changed.  The Chamber, elected officials, TxDOT, and the Feds do not make a village.  It is the people – their spirit, vision, leadership, and pride.  Personally, I believe that this is one of the most exciting and promising times for Salado.  We are getting a “face-lift” with a greatly improved highway that will bring new businesses.  Homes are selling to some great families that are making a difference.

There are challenges – water treatment plant; annexing issues; highway construction – to name a few.  But this is Salado!  With a little “elbow grease” and tender-loving-care from each of us, we will be fine.

Recently, I spent 18 months at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs.  Every morning, I drove by Pikes Peak and outside my office window was the Cheyenne Mountain Range.  The beauty was spectacular; the city, vibrant.  Woodland Park had a beautiful home to purchase.  However, we could not make the decision to move.  Colorado Springs was not Salado. 

It only takes a spark to get an inviting fire going, and there are some wonderful people that will make it happen.  The best is yet to be, this I believe.

Very respectfully,

Skip Blancett