updated 9:52 PM EDT, Mar 26, 2015
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To the Editor:

First, thanks for  your very comprehensive article on who we are and where we are.  I would like to briefly comment on where we could be going.

Competition is a healthy thing for it necessarily responds to the wants and needs of present day consumers.  Marketing experts have confirmed that adjoining second and third car dealerships, grocery stores or restaurants will attract even more customers for all nearby competitors.  And, this voluntary grouping sends another message which is…….I’m in business to compete with the best of them and being here with them next door proves it”.  Ever hear of Miracle Mile in Dallas, Motor Mile in Waco or the Vieux Carre’ in New Orleans? 

Some enterprises choose to avoid consumer products because the consumer is constantly changing and keeping up with current trends can be a daunting task. 

Also, there is a world of difference between hobby shops and bona fide businesses in that the former focuses on the proprietor’s interests while the latter on the wants and needs of the consumer.  Further, we cannot force feed yesterday’s products, goods and services on today’s consumers and expect to be successful.  The past is indeed past and the future can be bright provided we take the time to fully understand and then respond to today’s consumer’s wants and needs.  

Focusing on the positive, Salado enjoys a strategic location as we are somewhat equidistance for eighty percent of the Texas population.  And, we are ideally suited for both day-trippers who seek the small town ambiance and meeting venues whose members seek a weekend stay to include fine dining with a day of golf and a meeting on Saturday.  And, speaking of meetings, Austin is a treasure trove of associations, businesses and more who all are constantly searching for  a brief escape from the big city for a one day meeting or whatever.  So, day trippers are more than accommodated.  For overnight visitors, Salado has three modern motels, one of which features an excellent restaurant and convention facilities.  And, our B & B industry is outstanding and successfully competes with the best of them anywhere.            

I believe Salado’s future is NOW and we are precisely positioned for success.  All we have to do is identify and then respond directly to the wants and needs of our present, prospective customers.  Otherwise, lay back and go to sleep for Salado will invariably become little more than a bedroom community for nearby larger cities.

Jack Schrock