updated 9:52 PM EDT, Mar 26, 2015
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Four candidates have filed for three three-year terms on the Salado ISD Board of Trustees. They appear on the ballot in the following manner: Rodney W. Bell, Kristi Jarvis, Brian Sunshine and Kim Bird. 

Early voting began April 28 and continues weekdays through May 6. Early voting is 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. through May 5 and 7 a.m.-7 p.m. May 6. Election day, the polls will be open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. on May 10. Voting is at the Salado Civic Center.

Week One Questions

Question #1. In the past two school years, Salado has had two teachers charged with improper relationships with students. In your opinion, did the administration handle these situations correctly? If not, what should it have done? Going forward, is the administration addressing issues of relationships between teachers and students correctly, particularly in this day of social media and personal technology? (200 words)

Question #2. In the latest realignment, Salado will move up to division 4A by 13 students,  of which 10 are additional transfer students. This will require more travel to compete against larger, more distant schools.  Last year, SISD waived its transfer fees to encourage more student transfers in order to receive about $6,400 per student in state funds. Was this the correct policy change? Why/why not? (reader question) (150 words)

Question #3: Education is changing rapidly, utilizing technology and distance learning far more than ever before. Is SISD keeping pace, leading the charge or falling behind? What does the district need to do to improve its use of technology? (150 words)

Week Two Questions

Question #4: What is your assessment of the physical condition of each of our campuses? In your opinion, which ones need improvement and/or expansion?(300 words)

Question #5: Will you support calling a bond election for new athletic facilities? Why or why not? (150 words)

Question #6: Will you support calling a bond election for expanded/renovated/new academic facilities? Why or why not? (150 words)

Week Three Questions

Question #7. Will you support a pay increase for the teaching staff? If so, what level of increase would you support? If not, why not?(200 words)
Question #8. Will you support calling for an Tax Ratification Election to increase the maintenance and operation tax above 1.04? Why or why not? (200 words)

Question #9. How would you rate the performance of the district superintendent on a five-point scale? Do you support extending the contract of the superintendent? Why or why not? (200 words)

Final Questions

Question #10: What do you consider to be the greatest weakness or flaw in the Salado Independent School District and what can you do to change it? (200 words)

Question #11:  Why should anyone vote for you? (200 words)