updated 9:52 PM EDT, Mar 26, 2015
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Commissioner Tim Brown

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Precinct 2 Commissioner Tim Brown will file for re-election to the position he first filled two decades ago.

“The voters of Precinct 2 honored me with their trust,” Commissioner Brown said. 

Brown said that he first ran for the position because of his “concern about the impacts of rampant growth” in Bell County.

“I have enjoyed the privilege of serving with some outstanding men and women and,” Brown said, “with them, have managed a remarkable transformation in Bell County.”

Among the accomplishments Brown has pointed to are these:  substantially improved the financial strength and stability of the county; completely modernized county facilities, steadily improved the network of county roads and bridges, developed an award-winning public safety communications system, implemented an award-winning cash management system to maximize interest earnings with greater security, implemented and maintained an award-winning workplace safety program resulting in the lowest workers compensation insurance rates in the state, developed an award-winning Information Technology Department, improved access to services through expansion of annexes and maintained one of the lowest tax rates and lowest per capita spending rate in Central Texas

“It has been my honor to serve in leadership roles in a number of affiliated organizations and associations,” he said. He is the former chairman of the Texas Conference of Urban Counties. the Central Texas Council of Government, the Central Texas Economic Development District and the Killeen-Temple Metropolitan Planning Organization (former chairman).  “During my tenure as chairman, we secured funding for several major projects on I-35 and U.S. 190 in Killeen,” he said.

Gov. George Bush appointed Brown to the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Working Group, which developed the blueprint for the award-winning courthouse preservation program subsequently created by the legislature.

Brown has also been a member of the Hill Country Community Action Association (Executive Committee member) and chaired the  Texas Conference of Urban Counties Policy Committee.

Brown’s experience has led him to serve in many capacities on infrastructure committees, including travel and water infrastructure.

Twice Brown served as President of the North American Corrider Coalition, an international coalition dedicated to economic development through infrastructure development and enhanced security and efficiency of international freight movement along the I-35 corridor.  

Gov. Bush appointed Brown to the Texas Transportation Task Force, and he served as chairman of the Trans-Texas Corridor Advisory Committee, the TTC-35 Advisory committee and the My-35 Citizens Advisory Committee.   THis effort, Brown said, “developed the corridor improvement plan from which TxDOT and the legislature have made major funding decisions in recent years.  To date, over $5.25 billion have been committed to improvements on I-35, including over $800 million in Bell County.”  The committee Brown chaired was recently recognized by the Texas Transportation Commission for its role in developing the plan.

Meeting future water needs for the area and protecting water resources is of particular interest to Brown, who worked to create the Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District to provide a vehicle for the responsible management of our critical groundwater resources. He currently serves on the Brazos Region G Water Planning Group, tasked with developing the regional water plan for an area covering 37 counties in the central Brazos basin. he is cooordinating the efforts of a local stakeholders group, working to protect the Edwards Aquifer while mitigating the impacts of federal environmental regulation related to endangered species

“I have taken a full-time, hands-on approach to the job,” Brown said. “We have not shied away from difficult decisions.  We have been pro-active and team-oriented in our approach to meeting challenges and I am proud of the unparalleled record my colleagues and I have produced.”

“But the work goes on,” he adds. “We know Bell County sits in the most dynamic growth corridor in the mid-continent and we will continue to face challenges.  But with intelligence, integrity and hard work, we can continue to promote economic opportunity while protecting the quality of life we treasure.”

“I will continue to dedicate myself to the task,” he said. “My goal is to build on our unparalleled record and make Bell County the most efficient unit of local government in Texas.”