updated 5:04 PM EDT, Apr 1, 2015
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Judge Jon Burrows

Judge Jon Burrows will seek re-election as Bell County Judge, seeking his fifth term in office.

“Many great things have been accomplished these past years,” Judge Burrows said, “and I look forward to accomplishing more during the next four years.  These will be critical years for the long-term future of Bell County.”

During Judge Burrows’ tenure in office, Bell County has grown in population from 237,974 to 325,000 residents.

“Bell County has increased its Fund Balance Reserves from about $7 million to over $30 million, creating a 4-5 month reserve, more than meeting the amount recommended by its financial advisors,” Judge Burrows said. “This healthy reserve allows Bell County to respond to unanticipated expenses and emergencies and to weather fluctuations in income streams such as has occurred in the recent downturn of the national economy.”

The financial rating for the County has increased from A to AA+ at the same time as maintaining one of the lowest tax rates in the state for an urban county.

  Since Burrows was first elected County Judge, Bell County has implemented the following building campaigns in the county:

• Built  the 911 Communications Center

• Completed the construction and opening of the Bell County Juvenile Education Center in Killeen to deal with increased juvenile behavior issues in schools

• Purchased additional buildings for renovation and expansion of the over-crowded County Annex in Killeen

• Partnered with Fort Hood in the opening of a Vehicle Registration Office at the Main Gate to better serve the soldiers and lessen demands at the County Annex

• Constructed the Bell County Judicial Complex and Jail Addition on Loop 121in Belton to address growth, parking, safety, overcrowding and public security/access.

• Completed the purchase of the Carnegie Building and an additional building from the City Belton, enabling the Bell County Museum Board to complete a successful fund-raising for the expansion and renovation of the award-winning Museum.

  Judge Burrows said that the County has implemented the tax limit and tax exemptions for the over-65 and disabled homeowners to save them money and refinanced existing debt in order to save hundreds of  thousands of dollars during the terms of those debts,

Judge Burrows said that, if reelected, he will “contine to plan for and take action to responsibly deal with growth.”